What is Kidint?

Kidint is an adaptive learning platform for children aged 8 and under. We provide hundreds of high-quality edutainingbooks.

Rather than just entertainment for kids, Kidint is a platform that encourages the bonding between parents and children. We present all the children’s activities on our premium dashboard, so parents can always be connected with their children’s progress and achievements.

Books on Kidint can be instantly located, read, and shared with friends. Personalized for each individual reader, Kidint is the only place to access hundreds of high quality, curated childrens books without the need to purchase or download them one by one. Beautifully designed for mobile and featuring fun game-like elements, Kidint provides children with a personal library that can be taken anywhere, even being offline. In a world of unlimited screen time, Kidint is a smart alternative to games and videos.

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