How Can I Cancel My Kidint Membership?

If for any reason, you decide to cancel your subscription, we'll be sad to see you go! Please let us know your reason for ending your subscription and what we could have done to improve your experience and/or any suggestions you may have regarding the application. Your opinion matters to us!

There are various ways to cancel your subscription, depending on the option you subscribed with.

To cancel the subscription from the Web Site: Log on and in the drop-down menu choose the "Payment" option and under the heading "Current Plan" select "Cancel your Subscription" (written in red letters), press and your subscription will be deleted from Kidint.

To cancel your subscription using the Apple Store: Delete the "Automatic Renewal" option in the Apple Store account settings.

For more details, see

To cancel your subscription on an Android Device:

Open the app from the Google Play Store.

Then press "Menu", "My Apps", "My Subscriptions", and click on the subscription application you want to cancel.

Press "Cancel" and then "Yes" to confirm your cancelation.

The cancelation will stop new payments from going through. You will still have access to Kidint books until the expiration date takes effect (note: the expiration date relates to your last payment).

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to

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